SUP on my day off

SUP on my day off

Had the morning off the other day, so I headed out for some exercise. Check the weather app on my phone and everything looked good. Went to the usual spot at Aoyama Beach in Niigata for some small, short but clean waves. You’ll notice the full wetsuit or ‘steamer.’ It’ s getting a bit colder each day, especially when the northerly winds are blowing. Big thanks to Yuka who came along to shoot me riding and then pieced together the video. Love your work!

Flatwater SUP or surf SUP

Perhaps you have seen SUP on Itte Q or another variety show in Japan. Basically, there are two kinds of SUP. First, and the easier of the two is flatwater, which can be done in rivers, lakes or the sea. It’s a great way to see a different perspective of the water and its surroundings. I do flatwater SUP all year round in the sea, mostly for exercise, relaxation and observing fish and other marine life. Niigata’s main beaches, including Sekiya, Kobari, Aoyama and Ikarashi are great for SUP when it’s not too windy. The sea is often calm, even completely flat.

The second and more difficult style is SUP surfing. As you see in the video, it’s similar to regular surfing, althought the board is longer, heavier and a bit harder to maneuveur. For surfers in Niigata, it’s a little tough to find good, consistent waves all year. However, for SUP surfing it’s a little easier. Small wave riding is possible most months, although winter is a bit harder – you need to be brave and hope for less wind.

English + SUP lessons

Also, from next spring (2022) Johnson English Service will offer a new and exciting style of lesson. English + SUP lessons for private and pairs will be available on weekends, school holidays and public holidays. During the lessons you can speak English with a native speaker and learn or practice SUP.

On your ‘day off’: movie recommendation

On the topic of “days off”, when you have free time, please check out this classic. It’s the 1980’s cult movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s about 3 high schoolers who skip school and head into downtown Chicago for lunch, sightseeing and more. It was made for the teenage generation in the 1980’s, so the clothes and hairstyles are now outdated. However, the director perfectly combines a little action, romance, family problems, mischief and comedy. It’s not a short movie, and the English can be difficult to understand, but I think you will enjoy it. (Video below is just a preview)