Leicester, UK

Aug 23 2000, 11:30pm

Leicester (1) – New Friends, same amount of fun.

As promised in Chicago, I’ve come to the Midlands (near Birmingham) to visit Amy and Charlotte. It wasn’t that far from Liverpool to be honest, and it’s great to catch up with them. Amy has a nice little house, good friends and even the weather Gods are being kind to me.

It was Emma’s (Amy’s mate) birthday last night and it was a laugh. Went to the pub with Amy’s friends, who are great, especially Salty and Russ, Bec and Teal, Phil and Will. We had too many drinks in too short a period of time before returning to Teal’s place. After a few more drinks, Amy was terribly drunk but hilarious at the same time. We eventually got home sometime this morning and I slept like a baby.

For some reason Amy’s mates think I’m really funny. Personally, I don’t see a real connection between myself and humour. Maybe it’s because Australian and British characters and speech patterns differ so much, that all Aussie travelers are considered humorous or funny. They themselves are extremely fun to be with, even though they swear a lot more than Aussies do. That fact really surprises me.

Today we went to the zoo out at Twycross. Not a bad zoo, very spacious, but there were a few too many primates if you ask me. It was still an enjoyable day with Charlotte, her sister Bec and Amy, who of course was nursing quite a headache. We had an interesting experience with a young male monkey, who took a liking to Amy. Whenever she went near the cage he got excited and put on an impressive little show of climbing, swinging and jumping.

Not sure what’s on the agenda this weekend. Think we’re going out Saturday night somewhere. I want to try and get a ticket for the football if I can. It’d be nice to catch a game at an old-school ground like Filbert Street (Leicester). Then I’m sure I’ll be back on the lolly water and entertaining these lovely British ladies. Time has come for me to hit the sack. Good night.

Sept 10, 2000 6:30pm

Leicester (2) – I can’t believe they let me back in!

Today is Sunday, had a quiet day in after a few big nights. Loved the 3-hour Dawson’s special today. Gotta love the fact that bad American TV culture extends all the way around the world. It means that whenever we’re nursing a headache or the weather is inclement, we’ll all have something to do when .

Last night we met the girls, Sally, Cherie and Emma in Mashed. Cool place but strangely named. Had a few drinks there before moving onto a club, where we had a ball. Went to Moneypenny’s rand opening. It’s a chain club throughout the UK; you know one in each major centre. Leicester’s turn was great.

Not a huge club by any stretch of the imagination, but pretty well designed (except for the tiny bar upstairs). Didn’t have to wait in line thanks to Amy’s gorgeous friends. Danced for a couple of hours, chatted with some ladies and had a few drinks. The only problem was the heat or excess of! It felt like a sauna. I must’ve lost about 10 pounds. In the end I nearly went home sober. But I’m still enjoying Leicester and new experiences.

Friday night was hilarious as Amy, Phil, Salty and I drank, watched Big Brother, talked about stuff and laughed heaps. Although we stayed in, it was a great night. Thursday night I went to the famous Cove, an old quarry come dangerous diving/waterskiing site. Another quiet night, few bevies, pretty standard really. Be a great joint in early summer when the weathers a little warmer.

Just gonna watch a flick tonight with Amy. She’s pissed off with men in general and the customer service staff of the phone company. She should forget about guys for a couple of days and make a fresh start next week. Most of the girls go out seeking Mr. Perfect every night. It just doesn’t happen that way. Anyway time for bed. Sure I’ll sleep well again.